Pantry News, Emergency Services, Donations Needed, and more!

Winter Newsletter

We moved to our new Pantry on Madras Highway last November after searching for a year and spending 6 months at a temporary location.  We are working with the County Building department to obtain an occupancy permit that will allow our guests to enter our Pantry and select their own food in a “open shopping” style arrangement.

Pantry business doubled last year (Figure 1) which put a huge strain on us as well as our primary suppliers, Oregon Food Bank and Neighbor Impact. We now spend $3,500 a month for eggs, milk, meat, and canned fruit which we used to get for free. In addition to food donated by local groceries, we pick up 3 loads a week from Trader Joe’s who recently designated us as one of three Neighborhood Share Partners.

Emergency Services are in high demand as families struggle with rising housing and food costs.  We helped 320 households with 492 adults and 386 children last calendar year at a cost of $141,700 (Table 1).  Single parent households received the most help (Figure 2).  Helping families stay in their homes was the greatest need (Figure 3).  The extraordinary support we were able to provide last calendar was made possible by a very generous donation from an individual who was impressed by the friendliness of Prineville people and wanted to share the blessings he had received.

Donations Urgently Needed

The Pantry food budget is fully funded, however our emergency help fund will be exhausted by the end of March without additional donations.  Please consider increasing your donation or starting a monthly donation through our web site.  Your support is critical to our operation as we rely totally on donations.  We are all volunteers.  There is no paid staff.  Your donation is spent locally to support your neighbor in need.  Please help us continue our ministry.

Volunteers Wanted

Are you looking for a rewarding ministry serving others for 3 hours a week?  Volunteers welcome guests, assist them with food selections, restock pantry shelves, pick up and deliver food, answer phones, etc.  Please call 458-231-7184 if you are interested in volunteering.